December 6, 2013

Christmas Unwrapped ~ Day 6

Elusive Peace

I mentioned in my earlier post about falling snow that I would connect it to peacefulness.  (This was the obvious connection, the less obvious being forgiveness, which will come later.)  

When I wake up in the morning after a night of snow, and my backyard has turned from a dull green mixed with dirt to a beautiful vibrant clean white... it always seems to make me breathe a sigh of relief... It feels like my "reset button" on life got hit overnight... It makes me look at the world differently, even if just for that moment, or that morning, or that day... It gives me an unmatched feeling of peacefulness.

But it never lasts... does it?

The snow melts.

"Impermanent peace is what we often find in our quest for the real meaning of Christmas.  If we are looking for permanent and ultimate goodwill, love, and peace, we must look to no other place than to a manger."
~Stephen Nichols~

That said, I am actually thankful that I live at a latitude and longtiude that allows the snow to melt!!!  [Stick with me here Erik...!]

Think about it... If you lived in a place where there was always snow, or where it was always hot, you would never get to experience what it feels like to fall asleep after a dreary day, and wake up to a new and beautiful day!!! 

White snow... green grass... refreshing rain... blooming flowers... golden hues of autumn... Each new season brings renewal to the land and renewal to our souls. 

Every time you experience that exhilerating feeling of a new season upon you, try to remember that that is exactly what happened when a baby was born a King.  

A world full of sin and despair was 
revitalized, refreshed, saved.

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