December 12, 2013

Christmas Unwrapped ~ Day 12

Free Pass, please?!

Well I made it this far doing a post every day... granted my post yesterday was a bit wacky... but i've gotten really busy the past few days for some reason!!!  It's amazing how little things pile up, oh and there's that other detail in my life, the detail about having a toddler and an almost-toddler tugging at my pant legs all their waking moments.  Oh how I love those pant-leg-tuggers though!!!  
Every breath they breathe is a gift to me.

So i'm working on my post about forgiveness... 
and how I related it to falling snow... 
but i'm not quite ready to post it yet. 
So would you please forgive me, just this once,  
and give me a pass to call this my blog-post for the day?!!  

Oh you're too kind, thank you :)

Happy 12/12.

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