December 23, 2013

Christmas Unwrapped ~ Day 23

Christmas Cards

Boy do I LOVE sending & receiving Christmas cards!  Which is why I budget for them every year, so I never have to feel guilty about buying and mailing 150 of them!!!!!  :)

 I love watching the fridge fill up with cards.  I can't put them much lower than the picture shows, because the boys will tear them down! So they always overflow to the cupboards around the fridge as well :)

  My favorite part is how it allows us to look at the faces of our loved ones all year long, and to remember how many people have been and still are such an important part of our lives.

(Homemade card by my sister-in-law Abby!)

Here is a lovely sampling of some of the cards we have received so far this year~

(This is not their Christmas card but it's up on my fridge anyway!)


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