September 30, 2012

Farewell September

Another football Sunday is here!!!  

Bennett is feeling better (which makes Mommy and Daddy feel better too), and I blame him if I lose in fantasy football this week, because as you can see he was helping me finalize my starting line-up this morning:

But I guess if I win then he gets the credit for that too, and (sorry Brad) it's looking like that's going to be the case.  Hey at least the Vikings are 3-1 now.

Here is Bennett getting ready for ski season:

Our independent little man, when we get home from being out somewhere he likes to get back into the apartment on his own... and he tends to blaze his own trail in order to get there:

He is getting better at going up the stairs too!

And I'll leave you with a cute picture of Bennett after he woke up from a nap the other day and walked out of his room on his own to come find me... he's so cuddly when he wakes up from a nap, I love it! :)

Hulk baby has been living up to its new nickname lately, as Erik was able to feel him or her moving already!!!  That is one of my favorite parts about pregnancy. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, the last day in September!

September 25, 2012

A no good, very bad day... or two.

Bennett and I went to one of my co-worker's houses for Monday Night Football.  We don't get ESPN at our apartment so it was nice to have a friend offer us to come watch with them, and we had a blast!  Until... (of course the final call of the game, which I won't even get started on!), but also, when Bennett started coming down with a fever.  Here is Bennett when he was still feeling great, eating chips and watching the game!

Fortunately he slept well all night last night despite being on fire, and didn't even cry until this morning.  He's not feeling good at all today :(  

He is always such a happy & outgoing little guy, playing and exploring all day long, so it's really hard for me to see him like this.  We have been cuddling and watching movies today, his top favorites being "How to Train your Dragon" and "Tangled".  He has been taking naps  too, a lot more than normal.  We're going to head out for a walk now, it has gotten so beautiful outside this evening so it'll be good for both of us to get some fresh air.

Say a little prayer for him to start feeling better and for the fever to do it's job and then leave him alone!!!

September 23, 2012

Feelin Kinda Sunday

I love relaxing Sunday mornings in the fall!  There is cool, fresh air in the apartment so i'm snuggled up with hot coffee & a blanket while watching the NFL on t.v.  Vikings vs. 49ers at the moment, and the Vikings are, winning? Bennett is napping, I tried to nap with him but I felt too hungry to fall asleep.  This little hulk baby inside me is demanding!  I say hulk baby because I have been feeling pretty strong kicks from him or her already... which is almost 5 weeks earlier than I felt ANYTHING with Bennett!!!  

Speaking of Bennett, what's new with him... He has transitioned himself to taking only one nap a day now, which means he goes to bed earlier and gets up earlier (like getting me up before 7 a.m. this morning! ahh!!!).  It was really strange for me to get home from work the other night and not get to play with him because he was already in bed :(  I think that was the first day ever where I went an entire day without getting to interact with him... it was strange, and sad for me.

Erik was home this morning so we had some (rare) family time before he left on a 4-day trip.  I worked the last three days and Erik was home to watch Bennett on those days.  Erik took Bennett to his 15 month well-child check up on Thursday, he weighed in at 26 lbs 12 oz!  And everything checked out good, he's a healthy little toddler.

Bennett and I will be flying to Spokane on Wednesday to meet Erik there for the night.  I have an interview on Thursday for a part-time day shift Long Term Care R.N. position at the Providence St. Joseph's hospital in Chewelah, WA.  I had to go out an buy a maternity interview outfit... i'm getting so big already I don't fit into any of my regular clothes!

Here is a picture from this morning while Bennett was playing/exploring/climbing around in the apartment:

He loves kitchen tools so he's always walking around with something like a spatula or whisk in his hand.  And he is always getting up onto that table so we don't keep anything on there anymore because once he's up there, he throws everything off!  And when that includes a laptop, it's not good!!! lol.

Well I hope everyone is having an enjoyable Sunday, whatever you might be doing!  And tomorrow... GO PACK!!!!!

September 19, 2012

Playdate with the Musk's

We went to a really cool park in Sandy, Oregon yesterday with the Musk family- Jason, Mary, Hayley, Molly, and baby Joy!  Mary is Bennett's babysitter and the girls are his best friends, he has so much fun with all of them.  It was a hot day in Oregon, my car thermometer on the way to our visit said 90 degrees.

He was always chewing on a piece of bark or anything he could find. He has two bottom molars coming in so he's trying to push them through!

He has become quite a good climber lately.

He also loves sticks and carries them around everywhere he goes.

We finished the evening with another delicious home cooked meal at the Musk/Saylor home.  
Gracie, Lis, and Gary were with us for dinner too.  
The only person missing was Daddy!  He was gone working hard for us!  
Thank you Daddy, we love you!!!

September 17, 2012


Baby Knutson #2

Our new baby's due date is February 25th, 2013!

12 Week Ultrasound

15 Weeks

17 Weeks today- 9/17

He feels the beat!

September 16, 2012