September 25, 2012

A no good, very bad day... or two.

Bennett and I went to one of my co-worker's houses for Monday Night Football.  We don't get ESPN at our apartment so it was nice to have a friend offer us to come watch with them, and we had a blast!  Until... (of course the final call of the game, which I won't even get started on!), but also, when Bennett started coming down with a fever.  Here is Bennett when he was still feeling great, eating chips and watching the game!

Fortunately he slept well all night last night despite being on fire, and didn't even cry until this morning.  He's not feeling good at all today :(  

He is always such a happy & outgoing little guy, playing and exploring all day long, so it's really hard for me to see him like this.  We have been cuddling and watching movies today, his top favorites being "How to Train your Dragon" and "Tangled".  He has been taking naps  too, a lot more than normal.  We're going to head out for a walk now, it has gotten so beautiful outside this evening so it'll be good for both of us to get some fresh air.

Say a little prayer for him to start feeling better and for the fever to do it's job and then leave him alone!!!

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