April 26, 2013

Erik's birthday celebration

Erik was working all day on his actual birthday (the 23rd), so we celebrated with him on the 24th when he was home.  He turned THIRTY ONE this year!!!  :)

We had his favorite birthday "cake" (Peanut Butter Pie) for dessert that night, and of course when we sang Happy Birthday, Bennett thought the singing was for him!  The video below has a clip of the singing in it, and also a little footage of Bennett eating some oreo cookies.  Forgive Bennett's crazy hair in the video, he was really sick that day so we didn't bother to force him to have nice hair ;)

2 months old

Weighing it at 14 pounds, and 24 inches long!

This is the only picture I got from the baby shower my co-workers had for me, this is Sawyer with Amy Sue, the secretary at the Long Term Care Unit.

April 22, 2013

22 Months Old

I don't have much time left to count Bennett's age by months... after they turn two I hear you stop doing that! lol

Still a huge fan of mud puddles :)

Having fun playing at the park with Daddy!!!

Quartzite Mountain hike

Erik, Bennett, Laurel, and Grandma Judy went on a hike to the top of the mountain that we look at every day from our house.  Mama & Sawyer stayed home to nap :)

A view of our house from the top, pretty cool!

Bennett liked the hike!

Bennett taking a snooze in the hiking pack.

April 16, 2013

Sawyer's Birthday Video

Somewhat belated, but I just made this video the other day. Enjoy!

April 15, 2013

Got Milk?

Sawyer obviously does!

7 Weeks Old

Me and my boys hanging out with the neighbor cows.

Bennett loves playing by the swamp in our backyard despite the fact that his feet get cold & wet... doesn't even phase him.  Silly boy!!!

My baby getting his first haircut.... he looks so grown up now :(

Grandma Judy did a good job!  (She has had lots of practice!)  
After he figured out what was going on though he wouldn't let us finish... had to make some final snips after he fell asleep :)

Professional Spit Sprayers

April 13, 2013

Laurel's 23rd Birthday & Grandma Judy's arrival!

Of course, mimosa's and chocolate for breakfast on Laurel's birthday!!!

Sawyer hanging out with the birthday girl, his Auntie LoLo.

What a great birthday gift to have her Mom fly in on her birthday!!!

Grandma Judy meeting her second grandson :)

Bennett assessing the whipped cream...

...hmm, tastes fairly good...

... Yep, I like it!  More please!!!

Taking a fun ride on Grandma's feet.

Happy Birthday... Laurel... and Bennett?!!!

Trying to get a nice picture of both boys together...

...darn near impossible!

April 10, 2013

"Keep your stinky toes off me!"

Sawyer doesn't have stinky toes yet Bennett! Don't be scared!!!

April 9, 2013

Baby Shower for Rion

The ladies at church threw a baby shower for an adorable little 3 month old and his mama, 
here is Ginger holding Rion-

Sawyer got to snuggle with lots of ladies at the shower, this is Donna-



Yep i'd say she's got the touch!  Out like a light!!!

6 weeks old means...

... time to learn how to walk!

(only kidding!)

He's such a content little dude.

Bennett likes to set his food on the counter (or throw it on the floor).

Some mommy snuggle time with both the kiddos.  Mmmm love them so much :) :) :)

April 3, 2013

Be prepared to laugh

Bennett discovered the Photo Booth on my computer...

Don't worry, his face is ok!

Chickens and Lambs and Emus, OH MY!

Our friends Kari and Dean invited us out to their farm so Bennett could see all their animals, check out this video of Bennett when he first saw an emu... 

How lucky for us, we got to meet this little lamb who was only one day old!  She was calling out for her mama and Bennett was concerned about why the little lamb was sad... he cares so much about others' emotions... hmm, wonder where he gets that from?!!

Little lamb back in her happy place, right by her mama :)

This was how Bennett was the whole time we were there... on high alert as to the whereabouts of the three emus!!!  He was so nervous about them!  Their names were Emily, Elizabeth, and Ernie.

He loved the puppies and chickens too.  It was a great visit on a beautiful spring evening!
Thank you Kari & Dean for inviting us over!

April 2, 2013

Aunt Emily (Springer)'s visit!

Love at first sight!

Learning to multi-task, a necessity when taking care of these two!

The weather got SUPER nice while Emily was here!  We took my new double stroller out for it's maiden voyage, and what a success... best purchase i've made in a long time!

Tailgating in the HOT SUN at 49 Degrees North!!!!  
Mmmm... life is good :)

Bennett was going to ski but he fell asleep instead!  He napped in the back of the explorer.

Quality time with my dear sister :) :) :)

An easter egg hunt for Bennett in the backyard, he loved finding the eggs 
(probably only because I put a piece of chocolate in each one!).

Aunties lovin up on little Sawyer :)

"Bye Emily! I love you! Thanks for traveling all that way to meet me. I loved spending lots of time in your arms!  Sorry I sprayed poop on you!"