April 3, 2013

Be prepared to laugh

Bennett discovered the Photo Booth on my computer...

Don't worry, his face is ok!


  1. Holy moly that is hilarious! I just got caught up on your family and all the happenings - you guys are so active and have so much fun! And where is Amy? I don't see any post-baby-bodied people in any of those pics - dang girl you look GOOD! Nice work, hot Mama! ;)

    Yes, we are planning on coming up this early Summer around end of June and possibly once more before the Summer is over. We will FOR SURE get a hold of you guys! I saw that you were out on Lake Roosevelt - love that area! My parents have a houseboat there - you should come up for a visit or possibly stay over night with us on it. The boys can get their sand castles on! So fun!

    And yes, I was born at Mt. Carmel - and both of my parents work there - my Dad may have even been in your delivery room...he's an RT and is usually not too far away when the new little ones enter the world! Crazy! Can't wait to have an adventure soon! Let's keep in touch and make it happen!

    1. YAY! I can't wait to see you guys this summer :) :) :)

      I had a female R.T. at my delivery so I guess we missed out on seeing your dad... although we wouldn't have known it was him anyway! lol. How cool that you were born there & both your parents still work there. I just love small town life :)