April 2, 2013

Aunt Emily (Springer)'s visit!

Love at first sight!

Learning to multi-task, a necessity when taking care of these two!

The weather got SUPER nice while Emily was here!  We took my new double stroller out for it's maiden voyage, and what a success... best purchase i've made in a long time!

Tailgating in the HOT SUN at 49 Degrees North!!!!  
Mmmm... life is good :)

Bennett was going to ski but he fell asleep instead!  He napped in the back of the explorer.

Quality time with my dear sister :) :) :)

An easter egg hunt for Bennett in the backyard, he loved finding the eggs 
(probably only because I put a piece of chocolate in each one!).

Aunties lovin up on little Sawyer :)

"Bye Emily! I love you! Thanks for traveling all that way to meet me. I loved spending lots of time in your arms!  Sorry I sprayed poop on you!"

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