April 30, 2015

"Praying for Boys" ~ End of the Month Wrap-Up

"As Christians,
we (and our sons)
will battle to grab 
in a world that
doesn't have enough of it.

Prayer connects us to the heart of God-
taking our minds off of us
and placing our attention on Him.

Prayer is the BEST way to find peace
and overcome the fears of this world.

Plus, this concept is so easy
to teach to our sons.

Training can start at a young age.
But no matter how old your son is,
when he expresses fear,
immediately pray over him and let him know
that fear is not from God (2 Timothy 1:7).

Then, when you're confronting your son,
ask him who he'd like to pray for.
When you're done, pray for someone else,
and then someone else.

Train your son to focus his mind
away from himself and his own fear
and onto the needs of others.

It took me more than thirty years
to realize this truth-
that it is indeed more blessed
(and more peaceful)
to give than to receive (Acts 20:35),
and that by thinking and praying for others first,
I lose sight of my own troubles 
and find my heart and mind truly at peace.

Your son doesn't have to wait."

-Brooke McGlothlin-

"How beautiful upon the mountains
are the feet of him who brings good news,
who publishes peace,
who brings good news of happiness,
who publishes salvation."

Isaiah 52:7

April 27, 2015

Signs of Life at 49!

We took advantage of a day off together today with NO plans on the calendar... 
RARE indeed!
So we drove up to the mountain to enjoy the gorgeous weather 
and have a family picnic at our favorite spot for picnics...
on a ski run at 49 Degrees North!
This spot has also turned into my favorite spot for taking pictures of flowers,
and other beautiful things, but being that it is late April there aren't too many flowers blooming right now... the snow was just barely melted from our spot.
But it was fun to take pictures of the buds that will eventually be my flower subjects!

My favorite find of the day!
I have no idea what it is but it sure is pretty!!!

A few more pics from the afternoon:

Naps outside are the greatest :)
Yes. He is two. He loves to climb.
Happy Bennett!!!

 And to finish, some pictures by Bennett :)

He took over the camera for a bit while we took a walk up to the top of Chair 6 while Daddy was taking a nap.

 Bennett's first flower picture!!!  I'm so proud! ;)
Almost to the top!

I asked Bennett to take a picture of Daddy-
(he is napping waaayyy down there!)

 I was being a tad bit naughty...
great getting caught on camera by my 3 year old son! LOL
Well, he's almost four!  A couple more months!!!

What a fun day, we love where we live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 15, 2015

"Praying for Boys": Mid-Month Discussion Question from Brooke McGlothlin

"God is the giver of peace.
Fear is a lack of peace.

What is your greatest fear?
Have you overcome it?
If so, how?"

April 5, 2015

Long Term Care Unit Easter Egg Hunt!

Ummm... thanks Mom, for the empty buckets??
Oh! this is what they are for! Come on Sauce try it!
Oh yeah!
Bucket hats, so hot right now :)

Let the hunt begin!
I think I saw some more down this hall!
Oh sweet, there's CHOCOLATE inside each egg!!!
Stacey help me open them please!
Assessing their loot in the sunshine after we got home.

Annnnndd... cue sugar crash in 5, 4, 3, 2, .....boom.

Happy Easter everyone!!!
Thank you Jesus for forgiving our sins through death on the cross, 
we definitely didn't deserve it.
God's love is real!!!

April 1, 2015

"Praying for Boys" ~ Month 12/21

"A harvest of righteousness is sown in peace 
by those who make peace."
James 4:18