September 19, 2012

Playdate with the Musk's

We went to a really cool park in Sandy, Oregon yesterday with the Musk family- Jason, Mary, Hayley, Molly, and baby Joy!  Mary is Bennett's babysitter and the girls are his best friends, he has so much fun with all of them.  It was a hot day in Oregon, my car thermometer on the way to our visit said 90 degrees.

He was always chewing on a piece of bark or anything he could find. He has two bottom molars coming in so he's trying to push them through!

He has become quite a good climber lately.

He also loves sticks and carries them around everywhere he goes.

We finished the evening with another delicious home cooked meal at the Musk/Saylor home.  
Gracie, Lis, and Gary were with us for dinner too.  
The only person missing was Daddy!  He was gone working hard for us!  
Thank you Daddy, we love you!!!

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