December 5, 2013

Christmas Unwrapped ~ Day 5

Seasonal Ales

Going a little more light-hearted on my blog post today :)

I love trying holiday brews!  These four from Pyramid were very tasty.  

We also enjoyed some of the Alaskan seasonal ales last month.  

And of course, one of our favorites in the wintertime, the classic, Pipeline Porter!!!

Erik enjoys eggnog-with-a-kick during the holidays, i'm not a fan of eggnog but I tried a sip-with-a-kick the other day, it wasn't as bad as I expected ;)

I also got to enjoy some delicious "Rum Cake" at my work's Christmas party the other day... Amy Sue I know you'll see this, NICE WORK!!!!!! {P.S. Don't let me forget to get that recipe from you!}

What are some of your favorite holiday drinks?!!

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