December 3, 2013

Christmas Unwrapped ~ Day 3

Falling Snow

Bennett always gets hyper about an hour before bedtime, and Sawyer has lately decided that going to sleep isn't cool anymore... So on nights when Erik is gone working it can be a little tiring to get the two rugrats primed up for bed!

A few nights ago was one of those nights... first we have the toddler Bennett running around and around and around and around and around and around (get the point?!), singing and dancing (naked I might add), and baby Sawyer never far from the vicinity of his older brother (he keeps up as much as he can, he is impressively fast!)... and taking occasional breaks from being Bennett's shadow to sneak into the room where the cat food is because that's his favorite snack right now (ugh)... and me just watching, waiting, (cleaning), watching, (cleaning), and waiting, for enormous amounts of energy to be sufficiently expelled from their tiny little bodies so I can sweep them up into my arms and the three of us can go snuggle in bed and read some books for our pre-bedtime-simmer-down-time.

Just about the time when it appeared they were (almost) ready for bed (they never realize it when it happens, but mama does!), I glanced outside and noticed it had started SNOWING!  
So I did something I don't usually do (due to the fact that I don't prefer strangers driving by and looking at me while i'm sleeping)... I drew the blinds up on our bedroom window and shut off all the lights, and the three of us layed in bed together and watched the falling snow... illuminated by the lone street light outside our bedroom window...

And i'm not talking just any falling snow... 
i'm talking

The kind of falling snow that puts energetic little ones into a lovely trance.

So as my two precious sons laid next to me, one on each side, each of them draping a little leg over my body to assure I wasn't going anywhere, I experienced my most peaceful and memorable moment so far in my journey through motherhood.

The boys were so still, so calm, and those are two words I rarely ever use to describe them when they are AWAKE!  

The three of us watched as the falling snow began to slowly turn everything outside pure white.  The tranquility of that moment, and that beautiful, fresh, white blanket of snow, got me thinking.

And... I guess you'll have to hear those thoughts in another post because i'm all out of time for today's post!  
So you just got a story in this post :)

(Hint: I'll connect the falling snow to Christmas in another post... and it will have to do with peacefulness (may be obvious) and forgiveness (may be less obvious!).  Both of which are lessons that happen to be really perfect timing for me today personally.)

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  1. I love your advent idea - I'm in awe of your dedication to blog daily all month! :) This post made ME feel at peace, it sounds so magical, sitting watching the snow fall with your babes... thanks for sharing!!