October 6, 2013

I'm way behind on posting pics, sorry!

So here are a WHOLE BUNCH from the past week and half...
Enjoy :)

Sawyer's thinking,"I'm so happy that I get to hang out with my pretty Aunt LoLo every day" :)

Cheerios for breakfast, yum!

May I present, one HAPPY baby:

He is crawling ALL OVER the house now!!!  It's so cute, and so scary!!!!!!  lol

We love playing in our backyard, especially on these beautiful fall afternoons!!!

Then after playing outside we love to take group naps  :)

On a family walk to the park, this one tree in town has changed colors already.

Going down the spiral slide

Sawyer's guilty pleasure... just like Grandma Lori and Daddy...
...Cheetos!!! :) :) :)

What a beautiful baby :)

The "Vikings fans" swinging... 
(I had to put it in parentheses because Bennett hasn't decided which team he is a fan of yet... so it's still up in the air whether he's a Vikings fan or not!)  ;)

Picking yummy apples at our neighbor's house!

Building and playing in forts are a current favorite activity of the boys'!!!

The morning routine :)

When did my baby turn into a little man???????!!!

I took the boys on a walk to the Long Term Care Unit where I work to visit with the residents, and we made a pit-stop at Zip's drive-thru for lunch on the way there!

Bennett got his first corn dog and he liked it, but he picked the breading off first, then ate the hot dog.  And I think he was confused about the stick... lol :)


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  1. You guys are so fun! Always on an adventure. Miss you, miss you!