October 17, 2013

Love Bugs

Could he SMILE any more?!!!!!!!  I really don't think so!!!!

Bennett's "new" boots... from an awesome Second Hand store in Colville :)

He loves wearing them, excited for winter!!!

Could never describe in words how much I love him...
...him the wild one!!!  :)

No words in this case either.  :)

Bennett doing some reading.

I got him some flashcards, and out of the 96 card set, he picked out his favorite three cards within a couple minutes of first seeing them :)  He is an animal lover that's for sure!

A family picnic at the park last week, take-out from "Zip's", and a GORGEOUS fall day!

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  1. Reading your posts always makes me so happy :)
    I love love love that quote from 'The Giving Tree' - actually, I really just love that whole book and have been known to cry from time to time while reading it ;) Have you noticed, though that the words are changed in newer versions?? The book I have leaves out the 'very, very much - even more than she loved herself' part... lame!