October 20, 2013

The Life of a Pilot's Wife

Erik had training in Seattle and was going to be away from home for five days and four nights... so....
I decided to take an adventure and attempt my first solo-trip with the boys so we wouldn't have to be away from Daddy for that long!!!

Bennett knew something exciting was about to happen when the traveling stroller came out on Saturday morning... :)

On our way!  
Momma getting some coffee at one of the local coffee shacks in Chewelah on the way out of town.

Bennett's first boarding pass :)
Bennett had been on so many flights before age two that I actually stopped keeping track... it was probably nearing the 40 mark... but this was his first flight where he got to have his own seat (and his own boarding pass) because he is a big two-year-old now :) :) :)

Things went so smoothly that we got to the gate 40 minutes prior to boarding... luckily Bennett was perfectly content munching on his bag of cheeto's and doing some good people-watching and airplane-watching while we walked around waiting to board our flight from Spokane to Seattle.  Sawyer was content in the ErgoBaby carrier too, of course :)
There were around 60 open seats on this flight, so I knew we would be able to get two seats next to eachother, which was the main reason I decided it would be ok to take this adventure in the first place... oh the joys of stand-by travel!  

The flight ended up being an Alaska flight, so we actually ended up having a row of three seats to ourselves... that was awesome!!!

Another self-portrait of the three of us, Sawyer feeling sleepy, and Bennett wouldn't peel his eyes away from the excitement of what was happening outside the window.  He LOVES airplanes!!!!

This was a great trial-run for me, to see how it goes traveling alone with the two boys.  Granted this was a little bit of an "easy" trip, since the flight from Spokane to Seattle is only 40 minutes long, and we didn't have to worry about transporting car seats (since the hotel was within walking distance from the airport), and Erik was there to help in Seattle... but overall it did go well, and now I know I can do it!

The four of us had a great afternoon and evening hanging out together in Daddy's hotel room in Seattle... We got pizza delivery... watched some cute shows about puppies and kitties on Animal Planet... made a general mess in the hotel room (because that's what little boys do best!)... Mommy and Daddy drank some wine :)... and then we all went to bed earlier than usual and slept GREAT because we were tired from traveling!

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Daddy or of the fun in the hotel room... darn it!

We headed back home Sunday morning before Daddy had to go back to class.  The boys were so well behaved, I never expected this little adventure to go so smoothly!  

A foggy morning in Seattle, flying a Horizon flight on the way home, the airplane that Daddy flies!!!

We ended up only being away from home for exactly 24 hours, left at 10:30 a.m. Saturday and arrived back home at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.  So added together with our trip to Wisconsin on Monday through Wednesday, that made for SIX FLIGHTS in SEVEN DAYS for Baby Sawyer!!! What a trooper!

Here is the summary of our trip on our boarding passes:

We always got a kick out of my name being Amy "Inf" Knutson ;)
And now we have Bennett "Chd" Knutson!!!

Should be a fun life ahead for the boys and I, traveling to visit Daddy when he is working.  
We love him so much!!!!


  1. You. Are. My. HERO. I am so jealous of your ready access to airplane travel, but I don't think I could take one - not to mention TWO - babies on a plane trip by myself! You were definitely meant to be the wife of a pilot :) Great job documenting the trip too - WHILE taking care of those two babies!

    1. Thank you Amanda! Trust me though... I was very nervous for this trip!!! I was going back and forth in my head for two full days before I made the decision to do it... which was about one hour before we had to leave, lol!!!