October 29, 2013

Grandma Lori and Auntie Emily's visit!

The boys and I ended up having to to burn some time near the Spokane airport, since Grandma Lori and Auntie Emily's flight was DIVERTED TO MISSOULA because of heavy fog in Spokane!!!  Grrr!

The boys didn't seem to mind one bit though, lol! 

We played in the back of the car...
...went to Quizno's and got some snacks...
... and then finally we got to go back to the airport to pick them up!!!

It was only a two hour delay all said and done, but still, a bummer!

The boys were so happy to see them, especially since Grandma administered a little bag of Halloween candy to Bennett right off the bat ;)

We hit up Babies-R-Us on the way back to Chewelah and the boys got a little spoiled by their Wisconsin relatives!!!

Grandma Lori's shirt says, "Grandmas never run out of Kisses or Candy"  :)

Aunt Emily went right to work taking care of the boys.  She is a natural, that's for sure!

She also snapped some awesome pictures of Bennett when they were playing at the softball field in our backyard:

They came on a Friday, I worked 8 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday (they were a huge babysitting help by the way!!!), and then after work on Sunday it was..... GAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Packers @ Vikings

Grandma snuggling with her grandsons, and entertaining with technology ;)

Did I already mention, she's a natural...??!!!!!

WOW it was good to have them here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Love these photos looks like great times and memories! Your family is just beautiful!