October 10, 2013

The fabulous foods of Fall!

Plums are prevalent right now.  We got some from our neighbors, some from one of my co-workers, and we also bought some from the Front Porch Farm... plums plums PLUMS!!!
The plum puree is soooo pretty...

...and delicious!
 Especially when mixed with homemade rice cereal, Sawyer says so himself!  ;)

The boys helping me freeze baby food!

and plum purees :)

Making pumpkin chocolate chip bread... 
I actually used a squash, but there's not much of a difference :)
I only wish you could've smelled the house while it was baking...

...and then tasted the final product...

Yummmmm :) :) :)
 It makes for one special breakfast!!!

We love fall!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm FINALLY getting caught up on your blog. I can't believe how much your sweet boys are growing, and how much little Sawyer looks like his daddy! Wow!! You take some of the sweetest photos, I've been thinking how our babies will almost be the same distance apart once baby #2 makes his/her appearance - so your pictures are extra sweet to me because we will be at that point in the next year or so! That squash chocolate chip bread makes me want some SOOO badly and even the plum puree too - Sawyer is one lucky guy! (Bennett too - you're such a good mama!)