July 8, 2014

Things Are Not What They Seem

"We live in two worlds- 
or better, 
in one world with two parts,
one part that we can see
and one part that we cannot.

We are urged,
for our own welfare,
to act as though the unseen world
(the rest of reality) is, in fact, 

more weighty 

and more real 

and more dangerous 

than the part of reality we can see.

Why do you suppose God gave us the story of Emmaus Road? (Luke 24),

Might it have been to remind us that things are not what they seem?

That our interpretation of events may be more than a little off?

If we'll start there, 
with a little humility,
then we, too, might move on to have our eyes opened
to the rest of the story in our lives.

There is more going on here than meets the eye.

Far more."

John Eldridge, "Waking the Dead"

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