July 18, 2014

Another picture update

Loving up on my Bennett :)
I could kiss him ALL DAY!

 The boys bouncing around at Chataqua.
(Chewelah's summer festival)


My new favorite shirt... birthday present from my sister Shelby!
My first home will always be Wisconsin :) :) :)
I told her I was going to wear it every day this month... i'm doing pretty good on that promise!  Just ask the people who live with me, they will attest! LOL

These days Sawyer CANNOT stay awake when we're riding in the car,
 it's hilarious, he just passes right out every time!

He even passes out naked on the floor now and then too... ;)

 What a cool little dude God gave us :)

Love his morning crazy hair!

Relaxing on the beach while Erik went for a swim at Lake Coeur d'Alene on our anniversary date.
That is smoke filling the air... 
some nasty wildfires burning in NE Washington right now :(

The circus is in town!

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