July 25, 2014

49 Degrees North picnic

With our friends and neighbors, Chris and John!
We made a pit stop on the way to check out a campground near Chewelah.
The boys thought it was pretty fun crossing over the stream on the big log.
It was a beautiful little campground in the Colville National Forest, 
with lots of shallow water around for the boys to play in!

This picture looks like Bennett is peeing in the water 
(which would not be surprising one bit!
He is still learning "pee etiquette", LOL),
He was just pretending to fish with a long stick.  
Fishing is his new favorite past time, thanks to Grandpa Dean :)

A beautiful land we live in here in N.E. Washington.

John attempting a river crossing... he only got one foot wet :)
The boys (of course) got nice and wet with all their attempts at log walking,
and Chris got one foot wet too in her valiant effort to prevent Bennett from falling into the stream!

And then we made it... to our favorite place :) :) :)
We love 49 Degrees North during all seasons!
Erik grilling up some delicious brats.
So peaceful.

As usual the boys got lots of good exploring in.

And, as usual, I had fun taking pictures of plants, berries, and flowers :)
And a busy little bee :)

What a great day!

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