July 11, 2014

Picture Update

Sawyer checking out the cute little herb plants my sister Emily sent me for my birthday!

He was sick with croup for a few days so when he started perking up I took some pictures of him just because it was so relieving to have him back to his energetic and happy little self!

We spent an afternoon last week playing with my lovely friend Andrea and her kiddos Cadence, Braxton, and Blair at this cool little water park near where they live in Kettle Falls!

I think this could be the photo of the year if it weren't for the gallons of SNOT pouring out of his nose!!!!!  LOL

The other night I made hummus (I LOVE homemade hummus!!!), 
and along with the wine and veggies it looked so pretty, so, naturally I took a picture ;)

Beach day with Uncle Carl at the Colville Flats.
Summertime & the livin is easy :) :) :)

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