August 22, 2015

The Few... The Proud... The Succulents.

All of the "succulent" style plants I planted this year are thriving in this hot & dry climate.
(The non-succulents did OK, but they are all brown now, so I took them out.)

So here are some pictures of all my pretty succulents!

I planted 8 small "red beauty" hens back in early May, and they have made SO many chicks!
It was strangely exhilarating to propagate them!!!

They are so neat, i'm really glad I got these hens & chicks this year!

These are my "cherry tarts" starting to bloom... which I didn't know they would do!

I love the detail my camera got on this little section of my coral carpet.

"Sedum Neon" starting to bloom!


I actually got some more hens and chicks "donated" to me from my boss a couple months ago, 
they are happy in their new home :)
From what i've researched, I think this variety of hens & chicks is called "Spring Beauty".
They are starting to hatch a few chicks already too :)

Another one I didn't know would produce flowers... my sedum "red carpet".

Last one, "Purple Emperor"

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