August 5, 2015

Knutson Family Vacation 2015

The road trip begins!
We left Chewelah on the morning of Saturday July 18th, 
I tried to be well prepared as Director of Activities for the boys on this long drive,
and it seemed to pay off! They did so great in the car.  
It's a rough estimate, but we spent about 60 hours in the car 
over the course of our almost 2.5 week vacation.

Our first stop was at a really cool park in Missoula, MT.
They had a carousel!
(Which was actually kind of fast and stomach churning!!!)

Backseat movie on the way to our next stop of Billings, MT.

Continental breakfast at the hotel in Billings, followed by a nice swim in the pool.

Next stop would be Dickinson, ND for a lunch/park break.

It's always the best when they BOTH fall asleep in the car!!!

The book I read on the drive~ highly recommend it!!!
(Especially if you work in the field of end-of-life/palliative care!)

After almost 20 hours in the car we finally made it to Hatton, North Dakota~
where we would stay at Erik's parents' home for the next 5 days!

A golf outing happened... of course!
We started in three groups, and finished the last three holes 
all together as an eleven-some!
A gorgeous evening for 9 holes.

Many lively rounds of badminton.
Yeah Abby (and baby!) !!!!!

The boys always have so much fun at Grandma Judy and Grandpa Jeff's house :)

An assortment of succulent/flower pics~ Judy's garden is bee-you-tiful!!!!

We sure have missed having Auntie LoLo around Chewelah!!!!!

Carl actually made a few appearances on this vacation...
despite his physical body actually being in Alaska.....

Pool time!!!

Buds 4 Life.

Sweet kitty, D.C.

Water fights and sprinkler runs!

Photo of the expecting couple, by Sawyer!
We're so excited to get another boy cousin in October!!!

Cherry coring.

A bunch of Bennett pics---
Auntie Marta :)

Erik stepped out of the tent one night for a bathroom break, and was so lucky he did...
He got to witness some pretty stunning aurora borealis in North Dakota that night!!!

The Big Dipper.

On Thursday that week we drove over to the relative's cabin 
on Heart Lake near Bagley, MN.
Marta and Travis practicing their new sailing skills!!!

Enjoying vacation :)

What a cool dude.
A field trip on Friday to Itasca State Park, 
to visit the headwaters of the Mississippi River!

The sun came out later and we got to spend a lovely late afternoon/early evening 
at the beach and on the water.
Carl was there too!
What a rad family... always hard to say good bye...until next time!!!
Love you guys!

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