August 5, 2015

Haas Family Vacation 2015

Our next stop was Hayward, Wisconsin for the 28th Annual Haas Family Vacation!!!
This was Bennett's first time meeting his very first cousin~ Lewis Dean, who is 2 months old now!
LOL~ Smile for a picture!!!  (We were laughing so much, he wouldn't stop putting his hands up, and covering up Lewis' face in the process!)

And apparently Sawyer was more interested in playing with all the cool beanie babies at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin!!!

What a happy baby, goodness, I sure love my nephew!!!

Bennett's turn to take some Lewis pics!
I'm certain that Lewis felt a connection with Bennett, right from the start... 
when he looked at him he would have that sense of calm come over his face.
So awesome... the love of cousins!!!

Hmmm... should we do this again?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bennett's first time holding Lewis :)

And Sauce felt that Lewis needed a dino-sticker on his noggin...
wanted him to be part of the club ;)

Getting in some quality time with Uncle Justin!

Back out on Grindstone Lake, and it feels soooooo goooooooood!!!!!!!!!!

Easton! (My cousin's baby! He's 3 months old~ 1 month older than Lewis)
Vacation in full force!
Wouldn't be complete without puffy cheetos :)
And pontoon naps!

The cousins, just chillaxin on the toon. 

The sisters, just chillaxin on the Super Mabel.

We only had a brief time with Auntie Emily and Uncle Brad...
but boy was it a good time!!!!!!!!

Love love love love love love love love love love love love LOVE!!!!!!!!

The cousins hangin out the next morning :)

It is truly a struggle to get good pics with all these wiggly kids!!!

Back out on the pontoon!

Bennett doing some groovin to the music with his Great Aunt Mary :)

Me, in my happy place...

Just a whole lot of relaxin goin on!!!!!!!

National Scotch Day fell on Monday... 
yeah, you know we celebrated that ;)

The wind picked up a WHOLE lot on Tuesday, it kept us off the pontoon that day, but it did NOT deter Erik from taking the S.U.P. out and accepting the challenge!!!

A true blessing to get a picture of the boys' Great-Grandpa Haas
with all four of his great-grandchildren!
From the left- 
Bennett (4 years old)
Lewis (2 months old)
Grandpa Jim (86 years young)
Easton (3 months old)
Sawyer (a.k.a. Sauce- 2.5 years old)
Sure is hard not to miss Grandma at times like this!
We think of her so often... and feel comfort knowing she is looking down on us 
and is most likely giggling as she smiles at all our shenanagins!

I'm not sure which night this picture was taken-
I stole it off my dad's cell phone camera ;)
Regardless... just wanted to show off my handsome hubby 
and a delicious looking walleye!

Another morning of endless snuggles with baby Lewis!!!
Lewis just drifted off into his morning nap while he was sitting there by Bennett... so stinkin sweet!
And his cabin animal, the raccoon, showed up to join him in the nap ;)

Some good "slam ball" action shots.  I had never played it before, it's a fun challenge!

A pretty typical lunch for us this week! Chips, cheese, and vodka slush ;)

More Bennett pics---
(gosh I love this one Matt!  You're the next Zoolander!)

It was still windy this day too (Wednesday), and Tit Jones (my cousin Taylor) 
decided to take on the S.U.P. challenge with Erik...
...i'll just say, he gave it his best shot ;)

Then it was time for the traditional West's Dairy ice cream trip to Hayward!
Sawyer and I didn't make it, since he was napping during that time,
so I stayed back at the cabin with him. ;(
What a gang!
Someone is happy... :)

This walleye would prove to be a little feisty during the filleting process...
to sum it up... it was a bloody massacre!
It flopped once after the first picture... then this is as close as the boys would get!

Sauce finally decided he would hold baby Lewis!
His primary concern was to make sure he ALWAYS had a paci in his mouth ;)

A quick outing to catch some sunnies.

Bennett relaxin in the water with Grandma Lori.

Grandpa Dean and Lewis Dean.

Just livin the dream... livin the dream...
(P.S. This was our 0% chance of rain day... guess what happened... yep, it rained!)

My darling cousin, Miss Danielle. I love her so!
She asked me to take some pictures of her on the pontoon :)

*Side note- I do not recommend riding in the pontoon when Sauce is driving... point exactly.

This was our last night at the cabin... 
...we attempted a campfire to enjoy and roast s'mores... 
but the mosquitos had other plans for us. Grrr....

Sure was a lovely night on Grindstone though!

Our last morning~ finally got a picture of the three cousins 
with each of their respective "cabin animals" :)

Peace out Grindstone!

One last walk before getting in the car again...

Oh time for one last game of kickball too!

Our next destination was to the Twin Cities to visit the boys' great-grandparents 
on Erik's side of the family.
First was dinner in Edina, MN with Jackie & Allan.
Was so nice to meet Jenavieve too!
She is the daughter of Erik's cousin Jill and her husband Joe :)
Sauce wasn't sure what to think of her ;)  hee hee... 
They really actually got along great, despite what it looks like in the pic! LOL
Once again... so hard to get pics with wiggly kids!

Then we headed over to Bloomington to see Great-Grandma Lois and stay at her place for the night.
And we got a bonus visit with Grandma Judy, Uncle Anders, Aunt Abby, and Uncle Nate,
because they were all there too!

The next day we drove back to Hatton, ND for one last night at the Knutson home.
We got a bonus visit with Grandpa Jeff and Uncle Ole there too :)
And Sauce got a sweet hand-me-down Halloween costume to wear this year!

Then it was "on the road again"...
...two more days of driving til we were home.

My read for the drive home! 
It was first published in the 1940's, and has been a great read so far, 
especially if you're from the midwest and know about the Mayo Clinic.

We stopped at the same places on the way back as we did on the way there...
Dickinson, ND was sporting this excellent sign when we went through on the way back!

After a swell night in a Hilton in Billings, 
(obviously including dinner in bed & naked jumping on the beds),
and of course another pool session before we hit the road,
we finally started the home stretch this past Monday!
 (Pool sessions are probably the best way to induce a great nap for energetic little boys, by the way!)

Pizza for lunch at the park in Missoula.
And some casual sword fighting in the backseat on the home stretch...
lots of pent up energy!!!
Alas... now we are back home, getting back into the groove of our "old lives"...
it always takes awhile to recover from vacation! So ironic. 

What a blast... can't wait to see everyone again,
hopefully sooner rather than later!
Love to all!!!!!

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