May 18, 2014

Girls' Day!

Laurel spoiled me by getting Wicked tickets for us to go see together while it was showing in Spokane, as an early birthday present to me... BEST PRESENT EVER!!!!!
It was our "first date", so we got all dressed up ;)

I was SO EXCITED to see this show, since i've been listening to the Wicked soundtrack for as long as I can remember and have it all memorized, and all the members of my family have seen Wicked (at least once!!!)...  Bout time it was my turn! LOL

5 minutes until show time!!!

Intermission & wine :)
The riverfront in downtown Spokane.

It was Laurel's first time seeing a broadway show... she LOVED it, and is hooked!!!

We went out for some Happy Hour apps and drinks in Spokane after the show too, 
it was a wonderful date with my beautiful sister-in-law :) :) :)

THANK YOU AGAIN LAUREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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