October 2, 2014

Spontaneous Pasco Road Rrip: Round 2!

Carl and I decided to make a last minute trip to Pasco, Washington this past Saturday,
to hang out with Erik on his work overnight!

I had done this drive before, with the lovely Auntie Shelby :),
so I knew it was a quick and easy drive, 2 1/2 - 3 hours depending on stops and traffic.

Before we left I googled "Events in Pasco" to see if there was anything fun to do while we were there, since we would be getting in much earlier than Erik.

I found a Fall Festival in Pasco that looked like lots of fun for the boys,
so that was it, we packed our bags and hit the road!
The first thing Bennett did when we got there was hop in for a barrel ride!

Then we took a "hay ride" out to the corn maze. 
(There was no hay, lol!)
But there was fun!  
Swinging on the bars turned out to be their favorite part of the "hay" ride :)

Heading out to attempt to find our way through the massive corn maze... 
...it was a Seattle Seahawks theme.
I do not like the team, but this corn maze was super impressive...
Click the link HERE to see what the maze looked like from above!
The boys had a blast going through the maze.
We didn't actually make it all the way through,
after going around in circles for  a while I finally asked a worker-bee to take us out...
I was ready to get some food and not in the mood to be lost in a corn maze anymore!!!  lol.

After getting some snacks we checked out the other activities.
Ropin' Bulls
Pettin' Pigs
Jumpin' Bails
Not jumping far enough on the bails


One last barrel ride!

Soy Sauce even got lucky enough to get a private ride...
He was too little but since he was the only rider at the time,
the girl who was driving promised me she'd keep a CLOSE EYE on him!!!

He loved it so much :)

Our last stop of the evening was the corn pit.
The boys both cried when it was time to leave...
3 hours there wasn't enough I guess!!

But when we got to our next destination, the HOTEL, they were more than pleased :)
We hit up the pool and hot tub before bed time, then Erik got in around 10 p.m. 
and Carl watched the boys so I could go have a drink with Erik and his crew at the bar in the hotel.

Then the next morning we slept in, had a rockin breakfast of McDonald's and Albertson's fresh donuts, then watched the first half of the Packer game (@ Bears) before hittin the road again.
Carl did a great job driving while I sat in the back entertaining the boys.
Sawyer enjoyed taking selfies on the drive home, as you can see :)

It was a fun fun fun trip!
We LOVE being able to spend time with Erik when he's working!!!!!

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