September 18, 2014

Sullivan Lake Camping Trip

This was our last camping hurrah of the year before winter arrives!

We got all packed up after I got home from work on Monday, 
and picked up Uncle Carl on our way to Sullivan Lake.  

Sullivan Lake is about a two hour drive to the northeast from our home in Chewelah.

We didn't get to the campsite until 8 p.m. so it was already dark, but Carl and Erik did a great job setting up the tents using flashlights and headlamps!

Sawyer got me up early on Tuesday morning so we went exploring while the other boys slept in.
Our first view of the lake... simply gorgeous.
The water was waaaaaaay down because (we learned later) they plugged up the dam at the beginning of September for a construction project.

Sawyer and I had a very nice and relaxing morning together down at the lake, 
me drinking coffee and him getting acquainted with the lake.
There was not a single other person around.... peaceful.

When we got back to camp Erik and Bennett were awake too, 
and Bennett was having a great camping breakfast appetizer of Pringles :)
After we all had a more normal breakfast together, we headed down to the lake again.
We went on a walk on a trail near the beach.
We found the giant pipe that they are going to use to suck cold water out of the deep part of the lake and put somewhere else for the brook trout... to keep the water colder for them... or something like that, it was all very confusing to me and the pipe was so long and massively HUGE, I cannot even imagine how they are going to drag that thing out into the lake!!!
They had fun yelling into the pipe and hearing their voices echoing.

After we got back to the campsite from our walk we were all pretty tired and it was getting hot, so we laid down in the tent together and took a fabulous group nap :)

When we woke up we ate some food, got our swimming gear on,
 and headed down to the beach again!
The water was c,c,cold!!! 
(*AKA I did not get in! LOL!)

Some of our friends set up camp next to us that afternoon!
 From Left to Right:
Sawyer almost 19 Months, Bennett a little over 3 years, 
Victoria almost 4 years, and Olivia 15 months.
They all had so much fun playing together.

Sawyer and Olivia really hit it off :) :) :)

Auntie LoLo came to visit us for a few hours too!
She worked the night before and had to work again that same night she was visiting, so she slept for a while that morning, drove up to see us in the late afternoon, and then drove back that evening to go to work.  It was so nice of her to visit, she is quite a trooper.

Stunning scenery all around us...

Our little Bennett...
What a sweetie sweet sweet!

OK Uncle Carl... PLEASE take us fishing now!!!!
We have been well aware all summer long that Bennett loves fishing, but Sawyer showed quite a peaked interest in fishing on this trip as well!  I'm sure they would both love to be in Canada right now fishing with Grandpa Dean, or in Alaska catching delicious salmon with Auntie Marta and Uncle Travis!  A love of fishing definitely runs deep in the blood of these two little Springer/Knutson hybrids! 

And as for me... 
well, many a fish have I caught in my life, 
and I am thankful for that.
But at this point I just like to lay there and relax 
and take pictures and enjoy the peace and beauty of the lake
while the boys are all distracted by the fishing.
It's like hitting a reset button on a busy life... 
we can all benefit from that sometimes!

Yesterday morning we woke up to another gorgeous day.
It got pretty darn cold during both the nights we camped, 
but we were well prepared. 
The only cold parts on our bodies were our noses!!!
Morning campfires are the greatest!

Camping breakfast at it's finest... donuts :)
 Mmm mmm mmm!!!

They did not want to say good bye!
What a fun trip!

Next adventure on our calender is a trip back to 
Wisconsin for Emily and Brad's wedding!!!  
Only 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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