September 27, 2014

September Picture Update

I do believe we have a climber!
He makes it up (and down) this wall in our backyard in a flash.
Here he's probably thinking... where can I find a higher wall, this is getting too easy...

"Come on Mom, seriously? I said No Pictures."
"OK fine but this is the closest to a smile i'm gonna give you."

Riding with Uncle Carl on his cool new mountain bike!

When he came back from a trip to Jackson Hole... 
he was sporting a MULLET.
Kinda funny, haha, ok but I was not a fan! LOL!!!
He asked me to cut it.
I gladly agreed ;)
I did warn him though, 
I only know how to do one hair-cut, 
and that's Erik's hair cut!  
So I told him he will probably wind up looking like a pilot. 
He said that's ok.
Yep, we have an Erik-Mini-Me in the house now!
Even the boys were confused, they actually started crying the first time they saw him with this new hair cut!!!!  I think they were so confused about if it was their Daddy they were looking at, or their Uncle!
Too funny :)

A gorgeous fall day for a walk to the park and Friday Farmer's Market.
Sawyer the Destroyer! 19 Months Old now!!!

Bennett throws his Dinosaur down the slide...
"Hi Dino! Told you i'd meet you at the bottom!"

Sawyer throws himself down the slide...
quite literally, it's hilarious!

Neither of them are ever satisfied on the swings 
unless we are pushing them higher than we should be! LOL

And one food shot, of course :)
I had to take a picture of the final product from 
this BOMB of a DELICIOUS recipe... by Marta Dalke, 
my very beautiful and very talented sister-in-law!
Delicata Squash
Maple Breakfast Sausage
Kale, Peppers, Onions
Maple Syrup
Angel Hair Pasta

I'm positive Buddy the Elf would approve :)

Let me know if you want the full recipe, i'll share it with you!

I'm making it AGAIN tonight because we ate it too fast and 
it is tooooooooooooooooo good!

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