September 13, 2014

And, yet again... Better late than never!

Pictures from mine and Sawyer's quick trip to Wisconsin, August 28-Sep 1st.
*All captured by cell phone cameras! lol

We went back for Jena and Tyler's wedding, 
and we got lots of family time in too, of course :)

Daddy and Bennett had an awesome time at home 
hanging out together while we were gone.

The journey begins!
On the way to the airport in Spokane.

I think he'll fit!

He was a great travel buddy :)

He even got a set of his own wings!

Grandpa Dean picked us up at the Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport,
and had a cookie on hand to give to his grandson for the ride to Barron :)

We stopped to get Mommy some coffee, and Sawyer got a juice box.

He was one tired dude on night #1 at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Wisconsin,
traveling will do that to you!

And then, wine time for the adults :)

Sawyer hangin out with Auntie Shelby!

Checkin out Randall.

He loves kitties :)

A visit to the Grandparents' houses!
Grandma Springer
Grandpa Haas

Sawyer loved the little toy airplane...
...he thinks he's such a trickster.

Just having a snack with buddy Randy.

Auntie Emily came too!!!!

Bath time before bed time :)

Morning catch with Babs!
It was the first time we really "felt fall" this year!

Green and Gold runs deep in Wisconsin.

My mom's jungle flowers!!! LOL

Apples from the tree!

Sawyer got some good bonding time with 
Grandpa Dean, Grandma Lori, 
Shelby, Justin, Emily, and Babs
 while Mommy went to the wedding.

And he got to experience the gloriousness of "Bona Casa" that evening!!!!!!!!
AUNTIE EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Excuse me, please don't bother us, we're watching the game."

A few snapshots from the wedding :)
It was a fun night for me to have some "mommy time" 
and getting to catch up with some of my best friends from high school.
Jena and Tyler are an awesome couple, they'll be so good together as husband and wife!

Sawyer helping Grandpa with the daily chores on our last day in Wisconsin.

Saying our Good Byes :'(
Time with my family is priceless.  PRICELESS

Waiting at the gate for our flight back to Spokane.
We flew standby on Delta both ways, it worked out pretty slick!
Delta has iPads out for public use at their gates, Sawyer was quite fond of that.
Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, Emily, Shelby, and Justin!!!
And Thanks for trimming my hair Mary, you're my favorite hair cutter ;)

Love you all, until we meet again.  XOXO

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