April 29, 2014

The "Challenge"!!!!

In her book "Praying for Boys", Brooke outlines 21 topics that she believes are the things our sons need most.  And as the title of her book eludes, we can only pray for them to attain these things. 

"Parents who pray for their children recognize their own inability to change their children's hearts, and put their faith and hope in the God who can.  The best way a Mom can enter the war for the heart of her son is on her knees." -Brooke McGlothlin

At the end of her book she challenges her readers to spend time on each of the 21 topics by devoting a day, a week, or (even better) a month on each one.  
Knowing my crazy busy life with my two boys and my (new) job, I figured 21 months would be a good option for me... So, I start May 1st!

Pretty wild to think that when i'm done with this challenge, Sawyer will be the same age that Bennett is right now... almost 3!!!!

Ok but why am I talking about this challenge to YOU my loyal blog followers?!!  Well, A) it holds me more accountable because I don't want to let you down, so it will help me succeed in this 21 month challenge.  And, B) If any of you feel inclined to pray for my sons along with me, or for your sons or your daughters, or grandsons or granddaughters, or nephews or nieces, or husband or wife or whoever!, then you will be able to participate in the challenge along with me, and learn a lot about prayer along the way.  

At the beginning of each month i'll post what the topic is for the month, and i'll probably have a few posts throughout the month on that topic as well.

Ok see you tomorrow when i'll have one more post on this challenge regarding PRAYER
what it is and why we need to do it.  

Have a great day!

*Also, if anyone was wondering what the "new" job comment meant, i'm starting a new position at the Long Term Care Unit soon!  "On-Call Nursing Administrative Supervisor"!!!  Wow sounds fancy! LOL.  It should be challenging and fun and a major learning experience for me!  I'm excited and feel blessed to have this opportunity to use my nursing license in a new way, and probably most of all, to help improve the care of our dear residents who live in the LTCU here in Chewelah.

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