April 27, 2014

Inspiration Strikes

What does a picture of a (delicious) fresh seafood salad 
have to do with sudden inspiration?

This is the only picture I took on my recent "vacation" with my husband (sad it's the only picture I got!)... But yes, I did say with ONLY my husband... and yes, that means NO KIDS!!!!!!!  
It's been... oh... a little over two years since we had a getaway like this.  
Erik had 21 hours in San Jose, California last week on a work overnight, so, since I had three highly qualified individuals at my house encouraging me to go on this trip with Erik (Grandma Judy, Auntie LoLo, and Uncle Anders), I made the leap of faith!  Why a leap of faith... because it was my first night away from my "baby" Sawyer... needless to say, I was NERVOUS.  Not at all for Sawyer's sake, but for the sake of whoever would have to try to console him when he woke up in the middle of the night and wanted HIS MAMA!!!!!!  LOL.
So anyway, "long story short", the time away was glorious... and I got to FINISH reading TWO BOOKS that i've been working on lately while I was waiting for flights in airports and flying on airplanes.  (It took four flights total for me to make this trip).

And as I finished one book in particular, I felt inspired by one of the "challenges" that the author Brooke McGlothlin left at the end of her book.

This is the book:
And the "challenge"... well, i'll tell you about that really soon :)  

hehe... love leaving you in suspense!!!

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