April 2, 2014

Bennett's first ride to the top!

Bennett and Daddy went on a solo trip to the ski resort on Tuesday, since Sawyer was taking a long nap and Mommy was tired too after having a migraine all day on Monday.  

Pre-ski picture in the parking lot

"Enough pictures DAD, LETS HIT THE SLOPES!!!!!!!"

That is one happy 2 year old!!!!!
(He'll be 3 on June 20th!)

Erik had to take him on the chairlift when I wasn't there... because I was too nervous!!! LOL!
I had nothing to worry about, Bennett loved it :) :) :) 

Daddy's skis and Bennett's little skis side by side.
Future skiing buddy for life!

At the top, what a big boy!!!!

Can't wait for Sawyer to ski with us too... or, maybe he'll be a snowboarder!  Who knows :)
Mommy wouldn't mind having a little snowboarder buddy... I haven't been snowboarding in years! I miss it!

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  1. You're right, he is one happy two year old!!! What a lucky guy to have such cool parents to give him these great experiences, he's such a doll!