July 3, 2013

The Bollands stopped by!

Our friends from Hood River, Jake & Brianne, who also have two boys who are 20 months apart (just like our boys!), stopped by to see us today as they were headed home from visiting the area... we miss them so much and it was soooo nice to see them again :)

Baby swap!  Or, Mom swap, depending on your perspective :)

Handsome little Kingston walking with Laurel! 

An attempt to get a picture of all the boys together on the couch... 
this was the best one I got on my camera!  

We didn't have high hopes of it being successful so we were ok with the less than perfect results :)

Bennett was going in for a smooch on Kingston in this pic!

Group shots!

These are funny because in this first picture, both toddlers are looking at the camera and the babies are not...

...and in the second picture, the babies are looking at the camera and the toddlers are not!

Sawyer 4 months, Kingston 10 months, Bennett 2 years, and Barker 2 1/2 years :) :) :)
What amazing little blessings these beautiful boys are!

A few videos of their visit:

Bennett playing with his buddy-since-birth Barker!

Bennett was sad to say good-bye when it came time for them to leave :(
(Mommy was sad too... I contemplated abducting their whole family to keep them with us in Chewelah for a while longer!!!)

We found out that Barker does NOT like Starbursts!!!

THANK YOU for stopping by Bolland family!!!!!!!!!!!  
Next time we need to spend at least a week together I think!!!  :)

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