July 6, 2013

Let the good times roll

A few pictures from mine & Erik's golfing date on the 4th of July:

Chewelah Golf & Country Club

It was sunny & hot & I got a lovely sunburn!
(that already turned into a tan!)

Erik attempting a putt for par...
... he missed... but he beat me in the end anyway! lol

A really cool view of the Chewelah valley from the golf course!

Happy baby on the 4th of July :) :) :)

Tired baby on the 4th of July!  :)

We went on a family walk to the park on the evening on the 4th... and we had the place all to ourselves except for one other family of four!!!  Everyone in town must've been out on the lakes getting ready for the fireworks.

Look at the tiny baby in the stroller... ;)

Bennett & Daddy played in the creek that runs through the park, and they got soaked!  And when the sun went down the temperature dropped fast, so Bennett was shivering by the time we got home but he didn't even seem to notice!  He had so much fun playing in the water, it was his first time getting in the creek :)

Pictures from a while ago:

Bennett loves to take care of his brother already, he is always offering him his beverages...

...and offering his pizza too!

Sawyer's face is saying, "Yep, i'm almost 100% sure i'm not supposed to be eating pizza yet!"

Kind of a cool random picture I took of me & the boys the other day:

Pictures of the boys playing outside, notice Bennett's rad new hat he got with his birthday money!

A little video montage from our adventures on the 4th:

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