July 1, 2013

100 Degrees and rising...

It sure has been hot here, but our trusty little window a.c. unit is keeping us nice & cool inside the house!
But we can't be cooped up all day of course, gotta brave the heat in order to get some fresh air!

"Ok... what am I supposed to do now Mom?"

Trying his first food! Avocado!!!!  

He didn't seem to mind it, but his tongue-thrust reflex is still too strong so he can't quite eat it, he ends up spitting most of it out.  It was just an experiment anyway, we'll try again in a week or two :)

Sawyer's first text:
"Dad you've got to do something... Mom is making me eat some strange green stuff... please help ASAP!"

He likes this new contraption!  
Well, new for Sawyer... hand-me-down from Big Bro of course :)

Bennett loves playing with the hose, it's a great activity on these hot hot days!!!

No need for clothes when the temp is 105.

Little stinker ;)  Gosh I love my boys!  
That is hubby included!... Who I get to go on a date with on the 4th thanks to Laurel!!!  
Golfing & maybe we might even get crazy and go out for dinner too! lol ;)  

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