June 21, 2013

Bennett's 2nd Birthday!

We have learned that we can always count on Aunt Laurel to have a surprise waiting for us when we wake up on any special occasion!

This is what she did for Bennett on the morning of his birthday:

"Thank you Auntie LoLo, I love you!" ~Bennett

(He was eating eggs for breakfast in this picture, eggs followed immediately by handful upon handful of Reese Pieces!!!)

Laurel also made this awesome birthday cake for Bennett too!!!  

And he LOVED IT!

He had just gotten in from playing outside so that's why he has dirt on his face.

He loves it when he gets "Happy Birthday" sung to him, but his favorite part is blowing out the candles!!!

Time to open presents & eat cake!!!


Thank you Laurel, for everything you do for us!!!!!!
Bennett's birthday was a success thanks to you :)

I have to sneak a picture of Sawyer into the blog post too!

This is how Bennett shows his affection for his little brother... 
puts his tag blankie on his head ;)

Sawyer sure doesn't seem to mind!

Thank you to everyone who gave Bennett birthday presents or thought of him and told us to give him a hug & kiss for his birthday!!!  You made his day truly special.  

Personally I will never forget his 2nd birthday for 2 reasons:

1) Because I made a visit to the E.R. on his birthday :(  
(Don't worry, things are getting better!)

2) Because he had to get bundled up to go play outside on JUNE 20th! 
It was 48 degrees that afternoon... boo!!!

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