June 6, 2013

A rare day off together :)

Erik and I pretty much work opposite days now, in an effort to keep our boys at home, which is working!  But we sure don't have many days off together anymore, so when we do (like today) we have lots of fun :) :) :)

The boys both woke up on the good side of the bed, so that started the day off nicely.

Bennett is still in awe of his little brother :)

Sawyer is the happiest little dude ever!

We took a walk to the park as a family of four, before the heat of the day kicked in, and before Bennett's nap.  

The weather was so perfect, starting to get hot in the sun, but hanging out in the shade was blissful... as my friend Donella would say :) :) :)

I feel so blessed to be able to call these beautiful boys my sons!!!

Sawyer's first ride on the swings!!!

Now I have to work the next three days (one 8 hr shift and two 12 hr shifts), and then...

And even better than vacation....  

Think maybe i'm a little excited?!!!  :) :) :)

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