March 7, 2013

Fun times with Grandpa Dean and Grandma Lori

Erik, Dad, and Bennett heading out to the bunny hill at 49 Degrees North...
Bennett changed his plans and decided to go look for a good stick in the trees :)

"Hey Dad, whatchya up to?!"

Sawyer's first trip to the ski resort, 1 week old.

A beautiful sunny day in Washington!

As usual, Bennett taking a snow-eating break.

"WOO HOOOO!!!!  Now this is what I call fun!"

Grandpa Dean at the top of 49 Degrees North

Grandpa Dean loves to take Bennett out for walks using the hiking backpack, Bennett loves it too!

 Two boys, two pacifiers :)

Sawyer's first bath at home, 10 days old!

"What's the deal with this now you guys?!"

Sawyer had a check-up today, he weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz!  Everything checked out well with the doctor, Sawyer is a healthy, happy baby boy.  We are so blessed!  Bennett is doing great as well, he's having lots of fun with his Grandparents... we are all sad they have to leave in a couple days :(

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  1. Yay for grandma and grandpa time!! Its always so sad when they have to leave... I love that you guys are so active with your boys, they are both so lucky to have such fun parents, they are going to be outdoor lovers for sure! Bennett skiing = cutest thing ever!