March 23, 2013

Church Baby Shower Friday March 22nd

What an amazing group of women, they put together such a beautiful baby shower for us!

Sign made by Lorrie!

Adorable and delicious FUNFETTI (my favorite!) cake supplied by Kari!

Diaper cake made by Barb!

Playing games

"The Price is Right" game

The "smell the poop in the diaper" game!!!
(The "poop" being different kinds of melted candy bars... so funny!)

Me and my sons... opening many gifts... 
blown away by the kindness of our new church family.

Sawyer slept through the whole party!  He did wake up right at the very end, to show off his eyes before everyone left, how thoughtful of him :)

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  1. It was so fun to be there! Thanks for sharing the pictures. That was SUCH a cute cake. ;)