October 28, 2012

Rainy Days

"I love getting soaked with my clothes on!!!"

He was shivering the whole time but stayed out there for about 15 minutes, what a silly boy.  He took a nice warm bath when he was done so he didn't get hypothermic :)

The vent for the dryer goes outside right there... 
that's why there is steam in the air, and lint all over the ground.

Fun with highlighters... 
there is a reason he doesn't have a shirt on when learning to color :)


We are making good progress on our move! Last weekend we got to see some rental homes in Chewelah and one of them stood out to us far above the rest... and we got approved to rent it!  So thankful for that, it made it feel like the last piece of the puzzle was finally in place for us.  It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home that has a nice big backyard for the kiddos to play in, and it's on the road to the ski resort!  The location will also eliminate any commute I would have to work... as we can see the hospital where i'll be working from across the field from the home :)  We'll be moving in on Saturday!  The movers are coming this Thursday to take our stuff, and then we'll be cleaning the apartment all day on Friday.  Grandma Judy is coming to help us with the move, we're very excited to see her!!!

Good bye for now!


  1. You guys are brain washing that poor child...
    From Minnesota Viking fan Brad Vogen
    Go Vikes (best team in the NFC north)

    1. Ha :) Brad the reason he doesn't wear Vikings clothes is because he doesn't HAVE any!!! Buy him an A.P. jersey, i'll put him in that!