October 5, 2012

Officially official

We're moving!!!

Erik has been commuting (by plane) out of Spokane since the end of August and we are so excited to finally be moving closer to his base so he can come home after work instead of staying in a lonely hotel room.  Our destination: Chewelah, Washington.  It's a cute small town, about six hours from where we live now and one hour north of Spokane, so Erik will still have a bit of a drive to get to work but it's worth it for us to be able to live further away from the city.  The town has a 27-hole golf course and is only a 15 minute drive to the ski resort 49 Degrees North... talk about PERFECT for our little family!!!  

It's all so bittersweet at the same time, we have made so many wonderful, amazing, supportive, awesome, and loving friends since we've been living out here.  Erik has lived in Vancouver for 5 years now, and me a little over 4 years... it will be sad and hard to say goodbye, but we are ready and excited for this next chapter in our lives together.  
And you will all come visit us, right?!!!!

My interview last week went great, it was 2 1/2 hours long! Wow I sure wasn't expecting that!  I am fortunate to have over 4 years of experience now on a busy med-surg floor, so needless to say, I had a LOT of experiences to draw from for examples during the long interview.  The manager offered me the job on Monday and after Erik and I did some deliberation and got some answers on some deciding factors, this morning I called and accepted the job!  It is a part-time day shift R.N. position at Providence St. Joseph Hospital - Long Term Care Center in Chewelah.  I will be starting as soon as I can after my two weeks are done at the VA and after my nursing license gets transfered over to Washington from Oregon.  Oh, and after we find a place to live too!  Ready, set, go!!! Wish us luck!

Here is a cute video of Bennett from this morning, 
please disregard the odd state of affairs in our apartment... 
I was getting ready to vacuum the living room 
so I had everything moved around!

It's a blustery fall day here in the Pacific Northwest, 
but actually quite warm.  
I heard its been snowing in North Dakota!!!  

Wow I hope it doesn't snow in Wisconsin tomorrow... 
my cousin Jason is getting married.  Well I take that back, 
I think snow could make a wedding very beautiful and memorable... 

Congrats to Jason & Jenny!!!! 

Talk to ya'll later :)


  1. Congrats to both of you! Nice work on finding 2 great jobs close together in this market!! Also, LOVE Chewelah! I'm from Colville (20 minutes North) and 49 is my stomping grounds! You will love the snow, it's light and fast! And YES, we will definitely be visiting! PS, how adorable is B on his cell phone?!!

    1. Brianne I didn't know you were from Colville!!! What a small world! Do you still have family there that you go visit?! Erik and I are both happy to hear that the snow is good at 49! Hey we are having a little going away party on Thursday Oct 25th at Big Al's in Vancouver, if you and your boys can make it that would be so great. We'll be there for the football game, so from about 5-9 p.m. You're welcome to come at any time, if you can :)