October 14, 2012

Hulk Baby update

Not a whole lot of change in the last few weeks I guess!
(Other than looking more pale all of a sudden?!)
The picture on the left is 19 weeks, the picture on the right is 21 weeks (today).

20 week Ultrasound Pictures:

This baby knows how good life is already!

Well hello to you too little one!

Our baby was squirming and moving around so much during the ultrasound that the tech had a hard time getting a profile view of the face.  
I like this picture of its spinal cord though!


  1. Beautiful!! Baby is good-natured already :) You're not finding out the sex, I presume?

    1. Nope! We'll find out if Bennett is getting a baby brother or a baby sister when its born!!! We didn't find out with Bennett either and loved that surprise :)