July 31, 2015

"Praying for Boys" ~ End of the Month Wrap-Up

"We mustn't forget why we give in the first place-
because we have been given so much.

Not gold,
not silver,
not fancy presents,

but simply the love of a radically good God.

It's the goodness of God
that compels us to be good.

When we truly understand the depth of God's gift 
of salvation and where we would be without it,
we're motivated to do good works
and live a good, moral life.

We're motivated to give
because God gave to us.

We love to love,
because of the way He first loved us.

And we love to point others to Him because we know
He can give them the same gifts He's given us."

-Brooke McGlothlin-
"On that day the Lord their God will save them,
as the flock of his people; 
for like the jewels of a crown they shall shine on his land.
For how great is his goodness, and how great his beauty!"

Zechariah 9:16-17

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