July 6, 2015

Cell phone photo dump!

Well here are are WHOLE bunch of pictures from the past couple months I just (finally) downloaded from my cell phone onto my computer for safe keeping... many of you have seen them either on Facebook or Instagram or in private messages/texts, etc.... but, some haven't... so without further ado, here they are for your viewing pleasure.  

Reading on a rainy day.

Hangin with our buddy Colby!

Spending time out of doors (obviously this was before the temperature of our days rocketed into the upper 90's/lower 100's on a consistent basis)

My sweet Bennett.

Road trip! To Auntie LoLo's house, for a going away dinner/bonfire :(

Brother buddies... mmm love it :)



Their preferred clothing option.

"Look, a worm!"
[side note- he potty trained himself- I take no credit for it]

Road rage?

More good times with Colby!
[and Bennett thinking... "what did I get myself into?!"]

They are so sweet together... when they are not beating each other up.

Another road trip! This time to the lake with friends!!!

The Chewelah Creek is super fun right now, shallow and not ice-cold!

Hitchin a mower ride home from neighbors Chris and John!

Chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool...

The Springer Family monkey named 'Ringer' has been hanging out with us since I came home from my trip to Wisconsin, and he has sure been lovin life in Washington :) :) :)

We thoroughly enjoyed having the 'Thunder' Drum & Bugle Corp practicing in "our backyard" (the fields behind the high school) for five days in June!!!  We are official Thunder groupies now!  

Playing at a "new" playground in Chewelah... don't know why it took me so long to bring them here.. it's the playground behind the elementary school... I think I just felt that since my kids don't go to school there, we shouldn't play there?  I don't know... anyway, one of my coworkers said JUST GO!  So, we did, and- we loved it :)
They have a "BIG SLIDE!"

We've been having lots of fun together playing the matching game that Bennett got for his birthday.

And ever since turning 4, Bennett has quite suddenly developed a new passion for art, 
and sticker books!
So focused.

This little piece still has me in awe! I truly love it!!!
[I am also a lot biased! This I know!]

His favorite thing is to draw "dinosaurs", which are circles with dots for eyes and stick figure bodies.  Here is an example- this was on a card to Grandma Lori & Grandpa Dean.
He also likes to give a name to each dinosaur, and I label them for him.

And i'm pretty certain this one is a picture of Mike Wazowski!!!

I can see that he finds beauty in simplicity.

He also loves to put things into orderly patterns...
..Type A, oldest child, perhaps? Ahem...

And then there is our wild, strong-willed, independent little Sawyer...
...who keeps us on our toes, constantly surprises us with the things he is picking up on without any help at all... and chooses to wear winter boots to the park, and, everywhere for that matter.
Stinky Sauce ;)  

Ugggh I love them SO much!!!!!!!!

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  1. Great captures of beautiful moments of your family. I adore peeking in and catching up on all things Knutson, we sure miss you guys! And, I think we are living almost identical lives!!