February 25, 2015


Some highlights from the present-openings :)
Daddy how does it work?!!
Ahhh... I get it now! Thanks Great-Grandma Jackie!!!
A remote control car from Mommy and Daddy!!!

Bennett looking on, wondering...
why in the heck don't I get to open any presents?!!!
#LifeLessons ;)
Wiffle Balls! To practice golfing!!!!
Or, for eating... Silly Soy Sauce.

A present sent all the way from Wisco!
What could it be?!
Drum roll..........
Some space-age sand and dinosaur things!
Thanks Aunt Emily, Uncle Brad, Aunt Shelby, and Uncle Justin!!!
Thanks everyone for making Sawyer's 2nd birthday special :)
He loves you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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