February 23, 2015

Hanging out with Jon


Happy Birthday Jon!
Spam for birthday breakfast, of course!

Then off to Spokane for the Golf Expo.
Checkin out the sweet golf carts.

Time for a snack! (And beer, for the adults!!!)
There was a booth giving away free golf clubs to all the kiddos at the expo, 
the boys love their new clubs!!!
Then home to make birthday dinner and birthday cake-
of course Soy Sauce needed to help. He's such a chef!

Nina finally warmed up to Jon :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a day trip to Grand Coulee, WA to see the dam!
Going a little stir crazy in the backseat as we neared the 2 hour mark!!! LOL

A lovely picnic spot we found.

The Grand Coulee Dam, from the top side.

Better throw some rocks into the water!

And of course I had to try to take some "artsy" pics.

Very impressive!
We need to go back in the summer time for the laser light show!!!

In the learning center, learning. ;)
The jackhammer was a HUGE hit!

A couple snap shots from the drive home.
It was gorgeous!  We love Washington!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for visiting Jon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope to see you this summer, 
the boys might just be ready to play a few holes with you by then :)

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