January 30, 2014

Grandma Lori and Grandpa Dean came to visit!

Sawyer did not waste ANY time finding his favorite lap to sit in...
... him and his Grandma Lori had a great time snuggling...
and napping together...
...multiple times a day!

And in the meantime, my Dad and I went skiing!!!!
We only went one day together (see previous blog post), 
and my Dad made it up another day on his own.
Despite the lack of snow, 49 was still fantastic!  
Or maybe it was just the sunshine and good company?!!

Grandpa Dean sure knows how to get Bennett laughing :) :) :)

Time for the classic bedtime story (in our family)... 
"But No Elephants!"

A walk to the Chewelah City Park
A tad bit chilly but, compared to Wisconsin, a heat wave!!!

Sawyer Dean having fun with Grandpa Dean :)

Our very special kitty Jack, found a nice cuddle spot on the back of Grandpa Dean's legs :)

Sawyer says, 
"Thank you for my new bed Grandma Lori and Grandpa Dean!!!!!!  
I take all my naps on it now 
and soon I will get to sleep there at night too!"
His new bed is in Bennett's room... should be an interesting transition for Sawyer to leave our bed soon... I love co-sleeping so much!!!  It's way harder on me than it is on the boys when I move them out!

Milkshake at "Zips"!  YUM!!!
Grandpa Love

Playing outside... notice, NO SNOW (at that time!).

Bennett loved to show off for Grandma and Grandpa, 
especially showing off his skills playing "Minion Rush" on Daddy's iPad!

And Sawyer mostly liked to showed off his new kissing skills!!!!!!
What a little love bug!

We had a birthday celebration for Sawyer on his 11 month birthday, we celebrated his 1st birthday since we wouldn't get to celebrate on the real day with Grandma and Grandpa.
He sure loved (smearing) the cupcakes Grandma Lori made for him (all over his face)!

A couple of wild dudes, that's for sure :)

Goodbyes are rough... 

I found a quote I really like that relates to our boys having a "long distance relationship" with their Grandmas and Grandpas...

We all love you so much Mom & Dad..... thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I love seeing your posts after family visits - such happy times!!! (Bennett and Sawyer are getting WAY too big)