September 10, 2013

PDX trip with Sawyer!

Well these first two pictures aren't from the trip to Portland... this was the afternoon before I was leaving and I was already feeling sad about leaving Bennett for two days and two nights... the longest time i'd be away from him so far in his life.
We were having fun taking pictures of ourselves on my cell-phone camera together :)

Sawyer and I left Chewelah at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning, got on the 6 a.m. flight from Spokane to Portland, and after getting our rental car we arrived at Betsy's front door in Beaverton, OR a little after 8 a.m., not a bad trip!  Sawyer slept for the majority of those 4 hours of traveling, so that helped a TON.
We made the trip to Portland mainly so we could be a part of Betsy's son Jack's 4th Birthday celebration!!!

A bonus of being there for Jack's party was that we got to see A LOT of old friends from 9C... and all their offspring!!!

A video of Jack blowing out his 4 candles on his birthday cupcake :)

Sawyer hanging out with silly Mason!

Sawyer, meet Olivia!!!  Brad & Tiffany's little beauty who is one month older than Sawyer.

Me holding Olivia :)

Sawyer, meet Brian!  Shonte and Brian's little handsome boy!!!

Sawyer & Brian were having quite a screaming conversation, it was so cute!  
I got a short bit of it on video but I wish I had gotten more!!!

Here is a picture of sweet Mason digging into the birthday cupcakes :)
Donella and Morgan's son, who is also (just about) 4 years old just like Jack!

After the birthday party, Sawyer and I took a nap (which was SWEET!) and then we headed north, back to Washington!  For dinner at Dan & Bridget Buckley's house in Washougal.
Our babies have always LOVED hanging out with Dan... he is a natural, that's for sure :)

Then we went back to Betsy's house for the night and Sawyer got some bedtime kisses from Jack :)

We got a good night's sleep and said good-bye to Betsy, Jack, and Dash in the morning.
Thanks again for letting us stay with you Betsy!!!!

Our next destination was breakfast with Tara and Brian, at her NEWLY purchased home in Canby, OR!  She is my friend from the VA who has come out to visit me in Chewelah twice since we moved.  She used to work on 9C like me, and now she works in the ICU, still at the Portland VA.
Sawyer's face... too funny :)
Brian (Tara's boyfriend) got himself in the picture too... if you look in the mirror you'll see him!

Sawyer made friends with Tara's dog Bailey of course :)

After the scrumptious breakfast, Sawyer and I went back to Washington again!  (We ended up doing a lot of driving on this trip if you didn't notice!  Good thing he barely ever has to ride in his carseat, so it was kind of a novelty for him and not a drag... He was so awesome during all the traveling on this trip!)

We met some friends at Big Al's in Vancouver to watch the Packer - 49er game.
We did a lot of football watching at Big Al's when we lived there... but it was very surreal to me to be watching the game with baby Sawyer this time, instead of baby Bennett!

Some great pics of Sawyer with Piper and Matt :)

The last leg of our whirlwind weekend was over to the Saylor/Musk/Rasmussen residence in Gresham, OR.  We had dinner with them and spent the night there before another early morning to catch a 7 a.m. flight to Spokane on Monday morning.  

Mary Musk was Bennett's babysitter when we lived in Vancouver.  And Lis Rasmussen was my co-worker at the VA on 9C, she still works at the VA too but in the POPS Unit now!
Sawyer looking at Hayley...

Hayley singing to Sawyer :)

Molly having some cuddle time with baby Sawyer :)
Hayley and Molly were best buds with Bennett, and they were so excited to meet Bennett's little brother!

I love how this picture turned out... taken by Mary :)

Joy is about one year younger than Bennett... she was just a baby when we moved away and now BOOM she's a toddler!!!  It's so amazing how fast they grow!!!!!!!!

And now baby girl #4 is on the way for Jason and Mary's family!!!  
Her name is Rose Xia and she is due in about 6 weeks!
You can see the bump little Rose has created on her mommy's tummy in this video :)
And see Sawyer laughing at Gary (Lis' husband).

What a trip!  I was so happy to come home to Bennett after two days away... and it was PRETTY darn cute that when I got home, Bennett was quite a bit more excited to see that Sawyer was back than me ;)
 I love our boys so much :) :) :)
Here is a video I took of them this morning:

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  1. Awww so nice seeing you both!! These are some great videos and photos of everyone!! Glad you had a good trip!!