August 29, 2013

Random pics

Sawyer is 6 months old now!  
He weighed 19 lbs 5 oz at his check-up yesterday, and is yet again bigger than his big bro was at that age :)
He is starting to swallow more of the food he puts in his mouth, this yummy meal was oatmeal, green beans, and pears... all pureed of course.  I found with Bennett that if I put a cereal and some pears together with any vegetable, he would always eat it!  Pear was his favorite mixer and so far it's looking to be the same with Sawyer :)

I am one lucky lady that's all I can say...

Bennett thinks he's the baby again ;)
Not such a good fit anymore, huh Bennett?!!

And Sawyer goes in for the take-down!!!

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