August 14, 2013

Pictures from my phone

I am having lots of fun editing pictures that I take on my new smart phone, here are some of my recent favorites!  

(*Some of you may have already seen some of these on your phones or on facebook, but i'm putting them up anyway!)

"Nap buds"

"Johnny Jump Up"
LOVE the rolls!

I like to call this one, "These are a few of my favorite things" :)
A picture from a dinner date with my incredibly handsome husband in Spokane a couple weeks ago. It was our belated 3rd wedding anniversary celebration, sponsored (in part) by my parents!  (We racked up a good tab! lol)

"Bennett (the nudist) knows how to stay cool!"
It's been in the 90's here A LOT the past couple months!
(I'm not complaining!)

"Me and my babe"
Waking up from a lovely nap together!


I can't believe football season is already upon us! WOO HOO!!!  It makes Erik excited because it means that ski season is that much closer too :)  

We are getting excited for the big Wisconshington (family league) Fantasy Football draft coming up in a couple weeks!!!  My Aunt Mary (aka "The Butcher") is the reigning champion from last season... it'll be fun to see who will take the traveling trophy this time!!!

(*P.S., photo credit for the beautiful picture of the packer flag flying over Grindstone Lake in Wisconsin goes to my mama!  I only did a little editing on it!)

Erik took this picture the other day, Sawyer looks SO BIG!!

I had fun taking pictures of Sawyer in this cute outfit that one of the nice ladies from our church got him:

Hindsight being 20/20... I should've moved that chair in the background, and got the tree scraps off that blanket... but at the time I didn't realize how good the pictures would turn out!!!

Another cute outfit from another nice lady at church!!!

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